• Solar, Motion Charging for iWatch

    Apple has been testing both solar and wireless charging for the rumored iWatch. This wireless charging method would involve magnetic induction. The impetus for alternatives to the traditional battery is rooted in the fact that a smart watch powered by a sophisticated processor would run out of juice too soon to entice consumers.

  • Sleep-Texting is Harmless, Embarrassing or Risky??

    Elizabeth Dowdell, a professor of nursing at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, has investigated the phenomenon of sleep-texting among college students.Of course, sleep-texting can cause some embarrassing situations.

  • Hydrogen Fuel From Sunshine And Splitting Water

    A University of Colorado Boulder team have devised a new, more efficient technique for converting sunshine and water directly into usable fuel. The technique involves concentrating sunlight in a solar tower to achieve temperatures high enough to drive chemical reactions that split water into its constituent oxygen and hydrogen molecules. In this way, the team says it should be able to cheaply produce massive amounts of hydrogen fuel.

  • Microsoft to Roll out Major Bing Update for Windows Phone 8

    As we know, Bing is like a string that binds the experience on Windows Phones. Now, the company has announced a major update for its search engine on Windows Phone 8 smartphones that adds a new interface and a set of new features to the service. In new update , the biggest interface change is the reduction of tabs on Bing, that are now restricted to web, images and video. The idea not only make the experience more simplistic also adds more results in the first web view.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Posted by Kapil Garg
No comments | Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Microsoft To Close The Support For Windows XP In 2014

Microsoft announced Thursday that it would shut down support of it's 11 year old Windows XP operating system which is widely used in many laptops and PC. Company has targeted it's end line for support of Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003.

“Windows XP will no longer receive security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft after April 8, 2014,” Windows said in a statement.

Windows said that it would end support for XP because “technology has dramatically changed.”
“The expiration of support for Windows XP is deemed necessary due to the dramatic evolution of technology. Business and personal technology has dramatically changed over the last decade,” it said.

The measure were taken to protect users of the application from fraudsters and hackers who have found ways to make window-XP  vulnerable.

She said:  “Microsoft primary focus is to ensure users are protected and Windows 8 is thus capable of providing better security against malware. It contains a Defender; a full-featured anti-virus solution included in every edition of the operating system.

“That is why we are encouraging companies to upgrade to Windows 8. The reasons are obvious: security till today and in future remains a high priority investment area and with it we have enabled a broad range of new capabilities that address the top security needs and threats that they are facing today”.

The expiration of support for Windows XP is expedient due to the fact that there has been evolution in technology, maintaining that business and personal technology has dramatically changed over the last decade.

“While XP was one of the most popular operating systems in Microsoft’s history, it was not designed to handle the challenges of today, such as the increased exposure to cyber-attacks and demands for more data privacy, unlike our newer operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8,” said, Mr. Oluyomi Alarape, datacenter solutions Specialist.


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